Mandarin Around the World

CBSE schools introduce Mandarin into Indian Classrooms
CBSE – India’s Central Board of Secondary Education – has introduced Mandarin language classes as one of the 12 foreign languages that students must choose from as part of their core-curriculum.
Teach Mandarin from a Tender Age

Demand for Mandarin Chinese speakers is growing exponentially worldwide. Schools in the UK are starting to teach their students the language from as young as five years old.
Learn Mandarin and Arabic to get Ahead
A survey of prominent UK businesses reveals that Mandarin and Arabic are set to over-take traditional second languages, such as French and German, in both their usefulness and popularity.
Mandarin - a hit with UK students!
Students at one UK school tell the BBC why they love learning Mandarin. Their teachers also report that it is helping them improve across the board in all subjects.

Current Affairs

The World of Chinese
Current affairs and lifestyle website that will inspire your interest in all aspects of Chinese culture.
China Daily Asia Online Newspaper
An online English language version of the “China Daily Asia” newspaper, which will keep you informed about the latest political, economic and social developments in China.
Forbes Media sold to Hong Kong’s Integrated Whale
Forbes media - which includes Forbes magazine – has sold a majority stake to Hong Kong-based investors group Integrated Whale Media Investments, as part of its international expansion.

Learning Resources

BBC Chinese
BBC learning provides free, online Chinese language lessons, useful phrase guides and links to Chinese TV and Radio.
CTTV is a multi-media website dedicated to helping students learn Chinese through videos, audio and blogs.
Learning Chinese
A comprehensive Mandarin Chinese language course. The core course consists of 55 lessons broken into 9 modules. Free access.

Culture & Tourism

Mo Li Hua

“Mo Li Hua” or “Jasmine Flower”, sung by Cài Qín.

Love Song of Kangding

“Love Song of Kangding”, sung by Song Zuying.
China Highlights
An extensive travel guide, full of information about Chinese culture and must-see tourist sites.